Top Rated 15 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women – 2019

Having the right kind of Cross-fit training shoes can make a world of differences for you in the exercise program.

Cross-fit, by nature, is an intensive exercise that aims at building the whole body. It focuses heavily on the body, unlike track exercises. Due to its diverse nature and activities, Cross-fit demands a whole new set of unique shoes for various activities.

You may be tempted to try Cross-fit with your running shoes, but don’t! Most running shoes are designed to allow for flexible movement and comfort to the wearer. This is because running exercise demands a level of flexibility and support.

Running, however, is not Cross-fit. Cross-fit demands sturdiness for weightlifting, flexibility for movement, and support for gymnastics. Finding a shoe that balances all three needs is the key to finding the perfect Cross-fit shoes for your exercise.

There are many cross-training shoes out there for women. You can head out right now to a sports store or do a search on your favorite e-store for the best cross training shoes for women and will receive a ton of search results, all boasting to be the best for you.

Unfortunately, not every cross training shoes that fit is the best cross training shoe for you. When it comes to choosing the perfect cross training shoes for yourself, you’ll need to consider a few major factors aside shoe size and physical appeal.

Here is the list of 15 Top rated and best-selling Cross Training Shoes for Women’s in 2019.

#15 Gel Fit Tempo Cross-Training Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“I work out with these shoes several days a week. They are comfortable and provide great support for my somewhat wide feet. Love my purchase.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Nice shoes that fits snug for cross training
  • Extremely light and not bulky
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • True to colors and size
  • Supportive gel insole
  • Very roomy toe box

#14 Alitza Loop-W for Women’s from Vibram

“I love Vibram. They are the only shoes I wear now and the only shoes that don’t give me blisters! I walk in them for exercise and even wear them shopping.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Nice and comfortable minimalist shoes
  • Great grip for holding yoga poses
  • Flexible and super soft material
  • Slip resistant ankles
  • Cute and feminine
  • Light and airy

#13 St329 CMF Sneakers for Women’s from K-Swiss

“My first pair of this kswiss brand and I am super impressed. So comfortable! Memory cushion. Real rubber souls! Great quality!”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Very supportive and sturdy
  • Lightweight, absorbs shock
  • Comfy memory foam soles
  • Clean and classy look
  • Easy adjustable lace
  • Large arch support

#12 Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 Training Shoes for Women’s from NIKE

“I love them! They are better in person than I expected. They are so comfortable. So nice to do cardio with these awesome and unique running shoes.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Comfortable on cardio, machines, hiking, running, walking and weight lifting/training
  • Flat shoe strings don’t loosen up through the day
  • Offers great support for workouts
  • Good quality and construction
  • Breathable and light weight
  • Very stylish and functional

#11 Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoes for Women’s from RYKA

“Not only do these look great, but these are extremely light and comfortable. I don’t have to worry about if these shoes are with me when I do HiiT (particularly lateral moves). Ryka never fails when it comes to workout shoes!”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Comfy & Easy transitions into different moves
  • Non-slippery, easy to dance in with
  • Supports high impact dance moves
  • No jamming while Jazzercising
  • Functional and supportive
  • Perfect arch placement

#10 Kona Fitness Shoes for Women’s from Vionic

“Love my shoes, so happy to have found shoes I can wear and are very comfortable. I have planters fictitious and it has been very painful in any other shoes, but now I have found some I can wear. So greatful.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Comforts flat feet, bone spurs and arthritis
  • Nice looking and lightweight
  • Provides good arch support
  • Wonderful ankle support
  • Fits like a glove
  • Large toe box

#9 Suede Classic Sneakers for Women’s from PUMA

“Absolutely love these! Very comfortable right out of the box. Didn’t have to break them in.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Boxier that gives a room up front feel
  • High quality comfy cross trainers
  • Beautifully made, cool colors
  • Light on feet, cleans easy
  • Decent quality suede
  • Stylish and adorable

#8 Gusto Cross Trainers for Women’s from Champion

“I love these shoes. I am nearly flat footed, and most trainers or any shoes with arch hurt my feet bad. Luckily, the style of trainers these days are kind of flatter and not as bulky. These work great for me in the gym, and everyday.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Very durable, lasts longer than expected
  • Super comfortable and flexible
  • Super cute, inexpensive shoes
  • True to color and size
  • Sturdy sole cushion
  • Spacious toe box

#7 Free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 Print Training Shoes for Women’s from NIKE

“A wonderful pair of athletic shoes: sturdy, lightweight, flexible and stylish. Great fit.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Good ventilation, feet doesn’t sweat during workouts
  • Great for cross fit style workouts
  • Perfectly fits narrow feet
  • Functional and fashionable
  • Lovable design and colors
  • Easier lateral movements

#6 Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoes for Women’s from PUMA

“I Love these shoes, they fit as expected and i have a skinny foot and tennis shoes tend to slide up and down on my heal these do not and they are very comfortable I love walking in them and at some point it doesnt feel like i have shoes on”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Very Comfy, no back ache, numb toes and foot pain
  • Best shoes for over pronation
  • Classy gel sole inserts
  • Excellent arch support
  • Clean looking
  • True to size

#5 Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoes for Women’s from PUMA

“I loved my first (black) pair I ordered, so had to order a white pair. Super comfortable, excellent fit. I wear these at the gym and they are great for squats and deadlifts since they fairly flat.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Toes don’t squish together, plenty of room
  • Beautiful, gets a lot of compliments
  • Comfortable for workouts
  • No sore feet or cramps
  • Feels light on feet
  • No messy laces

#4 WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoes for Women’s from New Balance

“These shoes are comfortable, with ample width and instep height. They’re also affordable. I have loved them the minute I put them on, and hadn’t realized how much my feet hurt until I spent a day at work wearing them.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Comfortable, supportive and sturdy cross trainers
  • Offers plenty of room for inserts and wide feet
  • Nicely finished stitching’s, lasts longer
  • Rubber bottom provides good traction
  • Well-proportioned and not too wide
  • Beautiful looking Classic shoes

#3 Wave Trek Sneakers for Women’s from Clarks

“Love it. I am on my feet all day. No more heel/ foot pain. Worth the money.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Replaceable insoles, accommodates custom orthotics
  • Comfortable and proper arch support
  • Completely waterproof as promised
  • Supports heel and toes well
  • Narrow feet fit perfectly
  • True to size, fits well

#2 Influence Cross Training Shoes for Women’s from RYKA

“I ordered these shoes to wear for my Zumba class. They fit great (I order 1/2 size larger than my usual shoe size, which is what I do for shoes I use for athletic or dance use). I wore them straight out of the box for my 1-hour long Zumba class and had no problems with them. I am super happy I took the advice of one of the other class members and ordered Ryka shoes.”
Facts ladies appreciate about this shoe:
  • Best shoes for Zumba, circuit training and any other gym activities
  • Offers good support for high intensity workouts
  • Provides firm grip for side to side movement
  • Fits as expected, true to size
  • Have good arch support
  • Roomy toe box area

#1 Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Training Shoes Mica Blue White for Women’s from NIKE

“This is my 4th pair! They fit like gloves, so no socks – they will feel snug but that’s what makes them so comfortable. I have to wear orthotics due to my super high arch, so I took out the Nike insert, put in my orthotics, and my feet are comfortable all day! They’re super cute too!”
Key aspects:
  • Washable and removable insoles
  • Broad toe-box
  • Stylish, lovable colors
  • Breathable lightweight mesh fabric across the top

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Flexible and comfortable right out of the box
  • Wears well with or without socks
  • Responsive and supportive soles
  • Comfy arch support

How to choose the best cross training shoes for yourself: Things to look for in a cross training shoe!

Durable outer material

When shopping for cross training shoes, it’s important you check the outer material and ensure it is well sewn together and won’t give way easily.

Cross training consists of rigorous exercises that can easily wear a pair of shoes faster than you’d thought possible. Also during rope climbing, there’s the possibility of the outer material been worn or torn as you move up and down the rope.

Fortunately for you, some of the best cross training shoes for women already came with sturdy outer material, so finding one in this category wouldn’t be a problem for you.

Hard soles

Running shoes are designed to allow for a heel to toe movement. This type of design offers the much-needed flexibility to allow for quicker foot raises and drops, ensuring the athlete becomes faster.

Unlike running, however, Crossfit demands that the performer remain balance at all times. To make this possible, you’ll need to look out for women cross training shoes specifically designed to allow for multi-directional foot motion, especially side to side motion.

This type of shoes is characterized by hard but flat soles and a lot of flex grooves to allow for flexibility through the entire foot.

If your cross training is going to be focusing on majorly on running then you’ll be better off with a cross training shoe with softer and more flexible soles. However, if you’ll be focusing on gymnastics, weightlifting or are not sure yet, your best bet is going for a flat hard sole shoe.

Low shoe drop

Shoe drop is the difference in height of the shoe heel and the shoe toe. This difference, however, insignificant it may seem is quite important and if you’re looking forth to choosing the best cross training shoes for yourself, you should definitely take the shoe drop into consideration.

Running shoes often come with a shoe drop of about 8mm(millimeter). This often is the recommended shoe drop for running shoes. The recommended shoe drop for cross training shoe is 4mm.

This decrease in the difference between the height of the heel and the toe ensures that your body will be balanced when lifting heavy weights as the reduced difference will help distribute the weight evenly instead of throwing all to either the heel or the toe as common with shoes of larger shoe drop.


The demand for cross training puts enough strain on your muscles already without you having to worry about the extra weight of bulky shoes pulling you down.

Going for a highly durable yet feather lightweight shoe is highly recommended. There are some “barefoot” shoes in the market which are feather light and do not add any bulk. This, of course, does not mean that you should go for such shoes or that they are the best cross training shoes.

It only tells of the importance of using lightweight shoes for cross training as they do not produce extra weight and as such do not task your energy reserve during the actual training.


When working out, the foot sweat a lot. Sometimes this can become a huge source of discomfort as it feels ‘noisy’ and slippery. Not an experience you’d want on a cross training day.

The solution to this is going for cross training shoes that allow for free circulation of air while working out. Shoes with mesh uppers are great pointers to the breathability of the shoe. Note that shoes which allow for free air circulation won’t be waterproofed. As such you may want to choose carefully especially if you’ll be working out in a wet environment.


Traction is a huge factor you’ll need to consider when choosing a cross training shoe. During cross training, you’ll engage in lots of push and pull activities, weightlifting and gymnastics, all of which requires that your body is held firmly to the ground.

That is why traction is very important as it is the singular factor that decides in most cases whether you’ll stand firm and lift a weight or slip while trying to do that. When choosing a cross training shoe, ensure you go for ones with excellent traction especially ones running horizontally from left to right on the shoe sole.

Finding the best women cross training shoes can become a huge challenge if you don’t know what to look out for. It’s becoming even more difficult to separate truth from mere advertising. This post is intended to guide you on how to choose the best type of cross training shoes by considering the essential factors which make for a good cross training shoe.

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