Top 15 Best Women’s Walking/Hiking Sandals – 2019

Hiking in sandals may not seem like the best ideas considering how a simple hike can soon become pretty rough and tiring, not to mention that hiking boots are the talk of the hiking community.

While hiking sandals may not have received the same glowing reviews as many hiking boots, it does not prove anything that hiking sandals are not as effective as hiking boots. Hiking in sandals designed specifically for the activity.

Aside coming with great benefits such as increased breathability and been more comfortable to work in, hiking sandals can be a great addition to your library.

Here is the list of 15 Top rated and best-selling Hiking/Sport Sandals for Women’s in 2019.

#1 Whisper Sandal for Women’s by KEEN

“If I had fifty pairs of keen brand shoes, I’d still be on the lookout for my 51st pair! These are super comfortable, and uber lightweight. Seriously awesome shoes!”
Key aspects:
  • Comfortable Sandals for Hiking and Water
  • Machine washable
  • Decent cushion and efficient arch support
  • Fits as expected, even supports narrow feet

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Well-constructed, good traction
  • No sweatiness or shifting
  • Durable soles, rugged and sturdy
  • Grips well on slippery surfaces

#2 Tirra Athletic Sandal for Women’s by Teva

“These are the best sandals in the world. They are very supportive, adjustable, and comfortable. I can hike in them and I can wear them in the garden and chicken yard and just put them under the faucet, on or off my feet, to get the dirt off. And they are attractive enough that I wear them every day, to almost everywhere except the office and dressier occasions.”
Key aspects:
  • Cute enough for dresses or pants
  • Works well in different types of environment
  • Very Versatile and athletic

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Great arch support
  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Extraordinary comfort and custom adjust to wider positions

#3 Arizona Birko-Flor Sandals for Women’s by Birkenstock

“You can’t go wrong with Birkenstocks. They are such high quality and are so comfortable. The price is worth it because I find myself having them for years at a time.”
Key aspects:
  • Comfort, durability and unmatched support
  • Well-made, cleans up just like new
  • Good supportive, adjustable straps

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Hassle free slip on and off
  • No break-in period, soles were smooth
  • Fits perfectly, even with high arches and narrow feet

#4 Rose Sandal for Women’s by KEEN

“This is not my first pair of Keen Rose sandals. I have had a pair for years and wear them everyday. They are comfortable, versatile, fit well, feel good even when walking in wet weather. I have had people stop me to ask what they are because they thought they were so pretty. This pair seems to be living up to its predecessor.”
Key aspects:
  • Comfortable for walking long distances
  • Provides nice toe coverage
  • Water friendly and durable

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • No rubbing from straps, does not slip
  • Very rugged and great arch support
  • Really cute, gets a lot of compliments

#5 Venice H2 Sandal for Women’s by KEEN

“We live in a rural area and did not know that this water shoe even existed until we found one floating in the lake. My husband just fell in love with it!. It looked comfortable. So I hunted it down on the net and bought it. They have good arch support and best of all, great traction.”
Key aspects:
  • Really cute, Super comfy footing
  • Great arch support and toe protection
  • Fits like a glove right out of the box

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Wide and comfortable foot-beds
  • Durable and water friendly
  • Substantial sole well supports walking across uneven terrains

#6 Yucatan Sandal for Women’s by ECCO

“Can’t say enough about how much I love these Ecco Yucatán sandals!! I’ve never bought s more comfortable pair of shoes! They don’t require a break in period at all and just feel like you are walking on a cloud. I bought two pair in case I never get this lucky again.”
Key aspects:
  • Stylish and colorful goes well with every outfit
  • Comfortable and lasts a long time
  • Offers good arch support, all-day wearable

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Breathable material that dries out quickly
  • Adjustable heel and toe box
  • Lightweight, fits straight out of the box

#7 Zirra Sandal for Women’s by Teva

“These ZIRRA sandals are the best! They have a “shocpad” that spreads out your weight as you walk. So great for my feet! I wear them everywhere. The are simple, strappy, elegant, good for water shoes and for hiking and for town. Teva! What were you thinking when you let these go? Fortunately, I bought up about 5 pairs, anticipating their disappearance from the market.”
Key aspects:
  • Super cute and easily adjustable
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Goes strong tightening

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Durable and very rugged
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Amazing arch support, water friendly

#8 Clearwater CNX Sandal for Women’s by KEEN

“So comfortable I could wear them for a long time directly from the box…I bought this pair to save for next year. I haven’t worn out the ones I have yet but I’m afraid that they may not be available next year (like many products I fall in love with…usually discontinued!)”
Key aspects:
  • Comfortable, Sturdy and Light
  • No pain in the heel or arches
  • No cramping, rubbing or blisters

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Great color and fits like a glove
  • Wonderful grip for hiking
  • Gets on and off with ease throughout the day

#9 Hollyleaf Sandal for Women’s by Merrell

“The Shoe is okay for a beginner like me! I would recommend it for people who are just starting out and want a shoe to get them started.”
Key aspects:
  • Comfortable, good for beginners
  • Nice texture and sound
  • Pretty good overall quality

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Bendable sole
  • Fits as expected
  • No rubbing, good cushion at the back of the shoe

#10 ZX/2 Classic Sandal for Women’s by Chaco

“I absolutely love them. I basically stalked my mailman to get them and haven’t taken them off since. I got the desert mosaic ones and they are a little more greenish than I though but still super duper cute. I’m so excited to take these to camp and go hiking!”
Key aspects:
  • Excellent quality, extremely comfortable
  • Water resistant, dries quickly
  • Adjustable straps, great arch support

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Gives firm support on land and water
  • Super cute, well worth the money
  • Everyday wear, great for hiking and kayaking

#11 ZX/2 Yampa Sandal for Women’s by Chaco

“These have to be one of my favorite sandals I’ve ever owned. This was my first pair of Chacos and I was not disappointed at all! I did have a little bit of trouble gettimg the straps adjusted just right, but once I got that figured out it was smooth sailing from there!”
Key aspects:
  • Fantastic arch support
  • Fits snug and comfortable
  • Perfect support for Plantar fasciitis

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Easy to wash, lasts long
  • Soles are dense, easy to slip on and off
  • Straps are adjustable to move around foot

#12 UNEEK 8MM Sandal for Women’s by KEEN

“These Uneek sandals exceeded my expectation. And my expectations are very high when it comes to Keens. I have several pairs of Keens and I went with the size I wear in all of them. The 9.5 fit perfectly. Very comfortable right out of the box. They look even better in person than they do in pictures. Great style and beautiful color. Uneek indeed.”
Key aspects:
  • Excellent toe protection and keeps it cool
  • Good arch support
  • Unique design and cool color

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Dries out quickly, washes easily
  • Fits snugly, padded ankle strap
  • No rubbing, sore sports or blisters

#13 Omnium Sandal for Women’s by Teva

“I love my Teva’s! They have always been my most comfortable shoe. The wide, closed toe design makes it especially comfortable and saves me from stubbed toes. I also love the ability to make little adjustments for the perfect fit.”
Key aspects:
  • Excellent adjustment options, very comfortable
  • Good arch and side support
  • Unbeatable durability and attractive design

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Supportive soles and cushioning
  • Wide toe box area
  • Sturdy, very well made and long lasting

#14 Sophie Sandal for Women’s by Dansko

“What’s NOT to love about the Sophie sandal? This is my all-time favorite shoe style from Dansko, and I own several pairs. I will buy these again and again, no qualms about it. They come in great colors and prints too!”
Key aspects:
  • Adjustable straps allow customizable fit
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Stable, Soft foot-bed, suede feet protection

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Takes no break-in time
  • Goes well with most outfits
  • Great support for plantar fasciitis

#15 Terran Post II Sandal for Women’s by Merrell

“I love these!! I have plantar fasciitis and I used to wear ordinary flip flops or flat sandals all the time. These have really helped with my foot pain! They’re so comfortable and I can wear them with just about anything. I’ll probably get another pair!”
Key aspects:
  • Hides ugly bunions, wearable all day
  • Fantastic support for flat and narrow feet
  • Great support for walking, doesn’t slip around

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Stable, ergonomic and well-ventilated
  • Nice and soft foot bed
  • Cute colors, gets a lot of compliments

In this guide, you’ll find tips on how to pick the best hiking sandals for women in any sports shop you work in. Hiking sandals like boots have features that make them more suitable for hiking. Each of these features has been analyzed in this post and if you’re looking forward to picking a great hiking sandal, follow our tips for more insight on what makes a hiking sandal great.

How to choose the best hiking sandal for women

Rough Thread

The thread also known as the traction may be the first thing you want to consider when buying a hiking sandal.

No one wants to slip during a hike or roll in the mould simply because their sandals couldn’t get a good grip in wet or slippery areas.

The thread is the part of the sandal that determines the level of stability a sandal can offer. The higher and more jagged the thread the better. Not all big threads offer excellent stability. The best kinds of thread are those which are rough in themselves.

The surface of each thread should be rough. Such threads are more slip resistant than those which are jagged on the surface of the sandal but individually are a smooth surface.

Open design or close design

While it’s obviously clear you’re not going for hiking boots, it makes perfect sense that you should go for a hiking sandal with some form of protection.

This could be in the form of toe protection which is the most important of them all since the toe is more prone to injuries during a hike.

You may also want to consider going for a sandal with top covers. While this is not always necessary, some may hike more in peace when they know the top of their foot won’t be scratched by twigs and undergrowths.

Open sandals are more breathable and comfortable to wear during a height. So if you plan going hiking in warm areas, they may be your best choice as they will not become sticky with sweat.


Two things are very important when comes to the sole of a hiking sandal: arch support and cushioning.

Hiking is a lot like racing through rough ground. Most times during a hike you’ll be walking a lot faster than you normally would. This means your feet will be hitting the ground and stones with more intensity.

As such you’ll want to look for a hiking sandal which offers great flexibility and can cushion the impact of your feet with the ground. The arch support is also important, the arch is where your feet curves inward.

The arch becomes tired faster than any part of the foot. It receives the most impact and as such often ends up sore for a few days after a hike. To prevent this, go for a sandal with an arch supporting feature. Such sandal is characterized by a soft foam-like elevation around the area where the feet curves inward.

Durable Straps

Chances are you won’t want to buy a new pair of hiking sandals each time you want to go hiking. To prevent that from ever happening, you may want to consider investing in a sandal with very durable straps.

Unfortunately, most shoppers get carried away by the colorful strap display. Colorful straps, however, won’t help much during the hike either does it guarantee a longer lasting footwear.

When shopping for a hiking sandal, you should check and ensure the sandal came with very durable straps and that they are properly sewn together.

Hiking involves a lot of movement in very rough terrains; one you won’t want to get caught up in with a poorly sewn straps. 


A tight-fitting hiking sandal is a bad idea. Aside making it difficult for blood circulation in the foot during the hike, it can leave your foot sore and swollen for a few days.

A loosely hiking sandal is also not a good idea. Wearing a loosely fitted sandal will make walking laborious and very awkward. It’ll also reduce your ability to maneuver small undergrowth’s and twigs.

When picking a hiking sandal to ensure you wear it and see that it fit snuggly before paying for it. A good test to find a sandal that fit is by inserting your index finger between your heel and the heel strap of the sandal. If your index finger can be slid in, then it’s good for you but if your index finger can barely go in, then you might have trouble hiking comfortably in them.


The importance of carrying as little weight as possible during a hike cannot be overemphasized. When hiking, you’re bound to cover long distances which may seem shorter while starting but the walk back is often laborious.

As such it is always recommended that you move with as little weight as possible. This includes sandals or hiking boots as well.


Sandals really are not your best option if you don’t want to get your feet wet during a hike since most of them will expose your feet.

Waterproof in this context deals with how fast a sandal dries out after getting wet. No one will want to wear a wet sandal working uncomfortably for hours waiting for the wet sandal lose its moisture.

As such you may want to consider the ‘waterproof’ capability of the hiking sandal you’ll be paying for especially if you intend hiking through a wet surface.

Hiking sandals are a great addition to the regular hiking gear plus they are a lot easier to slip on or off during intermediate rest when hiking.

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