10 Best Top Rated Road Running Shoes for Women – 2019

When it comes to choosing a sports shoe or anything else, we all want the best. Unfortunately, the best road running shoe may not be the right ‘best’ shoe for you.

You may want to consider your road running shoe as a personal item. Being as unique as you’re (just as everyone else is), what works for your friend or others may likely not work for you.

Sure, most times it feels a lot safer to go for what everyone else is going for or to follow the trend. Unfortunately, the crowd or your friend won’t end up wearing the road running shoes and except you have some huge cash stash somewhere specifically for buying  and trying shoes, chances are that you can afford to buy different shoes to see what work for you or won’t even want to go through such stress for a road running shoe.

This post is intended to help you solve this enigma and find the best women road running shoe for yourself. ‘Best’ as used in this context is relative. It is not the best for everyone else, but for yourself as an individual.

To do this, we’ve provided you with an easy to follow guide on how to find the best road running shoes in any sports shop or e-store by looking at a particular set of factors which makes for a good women’s road running shoe. This way you can pick up a running shoe, look it up and tell if it’ll work for you or not.

Here is the list of 10 Top rated and best-selling road running shoes for Women in 2019.

Free TR Focus Flyknit Running Shoes for Women’s from NIKE

“This is a very light, well-made shoe. The soles are very supportive, responsive, & flexible while providing comfortable arch support. The knit body breathes exceptionally well & makes wearing these shoes w/o any socks very comfortable & w/o causing your feet to sweat or stink.”
Key aspects:
  • Very light weight
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Provides extra comfort
  • Fits perfectly

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Fits great even without socks
  • Cool style
  • Very flexible
  • Responsive & supportive

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GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes for Women’s from Asics

“I have already run over 100 miles in these shoes and see no sign of wear and tear, they are definitely going to last!”
Key aspects:
  • Perfect all-around shoe
  • Great comfort
  • Colorful bright appearance

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Gets you through any run!
  • Sole comes with great cushion
  • Cost effective

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Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“These are awesome. Right out of the box they were comfortable. I wore them all day with no problems.”
Key aspects:
  • Design compliments size specific insole
  • Great durability
  • Super stability

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Comforts against foot issues
  • Provides good foot support
  • Inexpensive shoes

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GT 2000 2 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“I bought these as a gift for my mother, and she absolutely loves them!”
Key aspects:
  • It provides a happy balance for feet
  • Knees, back and ankles feel better
  • Fits like a glove on feet

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Provides value for the money
  • Style is cool
  • Supports great for flatfooted

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Edge Lux W Running Shoes for Women’s from adidas

“This sneaker went so far beyond my expectations, I wear them around for fashion now, too!”
Key aspects:
  • Very classic and chic
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Fabric is soft and stretchy

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Have a gel-like insole that feels squishy
  • Love the wide laces
  • Its stylish, sleek and slim

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Tanjun Running Shoes for Women’s from NIKE

“These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! It’s like walking on marshmallows. I actually have no more foot pain during the day…”
Key aspects:
  • Most comfortable athletic shoes
  • Feet feels awesome
  • Good support and stylish

Facts runners appreciate:
  • True to size
  • Can walk miles with sore feet
  • Goes well with jeans or tights too

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Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“Amazing shoes for those who walk long distances or stand for long periods of time.  The shoes came with removable supports and the new orthotics fit perfectly. What a game changer.”
Key aspects:
  • Gel insole provides comfort that is unreal
  • Relieves back and knee pain
  • Good for running long distances

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Good against hard spots and rubbing irritation
  • Comes with a cute looking design
  • It’s a major upgrade from old shoes

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GEL-Kinsei 5 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“I love this sneaker and it is great looking … get a lot of compliments …”
Key aspects:
  • Great long-distance shoe
  • Supports high intensity workouts
  • Comforts flatfoot

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Fabulously flexible and fits well
  • Funkily cute and different color choices
  • Better support for foot and stride

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Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“Perfect fit. Great color. Best shoe I have found for running on hard surfaces with PF (plantar fasciitis).”
Key aspects:
  • Great stability and arch support
  • Good for over pronation
  • Steadies ankle and provides extra comfort

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Protects heal greatly with gel in the heel part
  • Truer to its sizes
  • Reduces foot pain from standing and walking

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Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“I bought these 6 months ago, so this is a true testament of fit and durability! I generally buy new shoes every 6 months for proper foot and back health. Ordered another pair today! Best fitting and supportive athletic shoe I’ve ever had!”
Key aspects:
  • Lovable print and cushioning
  • Shoes fit as expected
  • Comfortable even for flat fleet

Facts runners appreciate:
  • Plenty of toe room
  • Firm support to the foot
  • Keeps ankle stable for lateral movement

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How to choose the best road running shoes for women 

Evaluate your feet 

When it comes to buying the best road running shoes, the shape of your feet and your gait plays a very critical role and should be carefully considered.

In a broad and all enclosing category, we have three major types of foot arch: the high, normal and flat or low arch.

You’ll want to consider the type of foot arch you have and see if the pair of road running shoes are suited for your foot arch before paying for them.

A good way to find your arch type is to use the wet foot method. Slightly wet your sole with water and then walk on dark carpet. This should leave a clear print of your foot on the floor. Now check the print of your foot and see the extent of the arch.

If the arch cuts in very deep and closer to the edge of the other side of your feet, you probably have a high arch and such going for a neutral road running shoes might be your best option. If the arch kind of cut mid-way between the edges of your foot, then it’s normal and you may want to go for a neutral shoe.

If the foot is flat with almost no visible arch, then the stability shoe is your best bet.


Feet sweating is a huge concern for most runners. Not only because it smells bad after a few days but also because it makes running less comfortable and enjoyable.

For better comfort, you should go for road running shoes that are very breathable. You can easily check if a shoe is breathable by inspecting the top materials. To allow for free air circulation in and out of the shoes, manufacturers make use of meshes to cover the upper part of running shoulds.

These meshes act as the window to the shoe. So, ensure you get a running shoe with a good size open mesh.

Sole flexibility

When picking a road running shoe, you may want to consider the texture of the road and then pick a shoe accordingly.

Running consist of a series of up and down and forward motion. It only makes sense to go for a running shoe that will be able to cushion the impact of the bouncing motion on your upper body and the sole of your feet as well as the impact of the track on your feet.

While it makes sense to go for a hard sole road running shoes as those can better protect your foot, it’s not always a good idea. For one, hard soles tend to tire the feet easily and are not really breathable or flexible enough for running.

Your best bet is to go for a road running shoe with great flexibility. The mid-sole shouldn’t be too high. Flat is good so long as it is very flexible and your feet can not feel the rough bottom of the shoes when you wear them.


As you know doubt is already aware, choosing the right size of running shoes is very important. While trying on a shoe, if you feel pinching or any uncomfortable rubbing of your toes against the inner walls of the shoe, you might want to try on another pair.

While the pinch may not seem like a great deal while standing in the store, it does become one when you start covering miles. It becomes amplify and your feet will start swelling with blisters at the edge of each toe.

A good way to make sure a shoe fits snuggly before paying for it is to try the shoe on and then slide the index finger at the back of the shoe between the heel and the shoe’s heel counter. If the finger slides in, then the shoe will be comfortable for running in.

Women running shoes tend to have a narrower size at the heel and wider toe shape than men’s. So while looking for the best women road running shoe, you may want to consider going for running shoes designed specifically for women. 

Heel-to-toe drop 

The heel-to-toe drop represents the difference in height of the heel and the shoe’s toe. This difference is particularly important as it affects how your feet strike the ground.

The ideal height difference for road running shoes is around 8-14mm. This type of low height promotes front and medium foot strikes.

Running in the wrong shoes can make running your worst nightmare especially if you plan on covering long distances. A poor choice in footwear can cause a number of problems ranging from sweaty feet, runner’s knee, foot pain, tendonitis, to Achilles heels and so on.

With our guide, you should be able to find the best road running shoes that can fit snuggly, provide you with great comfort and support for the race ahead.

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