The 10 Best Trail Running Shoes for Women Reviewed – 2019

Trail running shoes are a necessity if you plan running on a trail. Running on trails is a lot different from running on regular well-paved roads. For one, the trail most often will not be an even surface.

You’ll come across rock outcrops and spikes as well as depressions and midget hills. This will challenge you in a fun way and if you’re prepared for each obstacle, you probably will end up enjoying your time.

The freedom of trail running is probably one of the reasons most runners find the trend irresistible. For some, it’s the pure ecstasy of running through the wild and being closest to nature.

You can choose to run in the mountains, on grasslands with no trails or through old abandoned mines or Just about anywhere else you find the adrenaline.

Whichever way you choose to view it, trail running is an excellent way to keep fit in a fun and wild way. The best way to start your preparation for trail running is by getting the best trail running shoes you can find.

The truth is, shoes play a very important role when it comes to any sport, not just trail running. For instance, there are specially designed shoes for the weightlifter to balance his weight perfectly while there are special shoes for road runners for maximum flexibility and support.

This article is intended to helping you find the best trail running shoes for your next run by providing you with tips on what to look for when buying trail running shoes.

Here is the list of 10 Top rated and best-selling road running shoes for Women in 2019.

#10 Speedcross 4 GTX W Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from Salomon

“LOVE THESE!!! I got these for upcoming Spartan races this year. I have used them hiking in the Big Horns, while there was mud, snow and ice on the ground. These shoes kept my feet on the ground and me not on my butt. My feet were also warm (with a warm pair of socks) and dry. I have also used these to run on cement with patches of ice and running with my large dog. I love them and am so happy with this purchase. I am even looking at more colors.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Amazing grip, great for varying working in terrains
  • Waterproof, Keeps the feet dry and warm
  • Roomy, lightweight and sharp looking
  • Great traction in winter conditions
  • True to size, fits a like glove
  • Durable, sturdy and flexible

#9 Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from Merrell

“These are PERFECT. Square toe, so they all fit fine. Roomy but snug where it needs to be. Lightweight. Construction seems like it will last and the sole is great. I will buy a second pair once I get back to a regular walking routine.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Minimalist shoes that cradle your foot – extremely flexible
  • No hot spots, helpful tiny bit of cushions
  • Great tread and unbelievably comfortable
  • Have a bigger toe box and higher arch
  • No pain, bruises or blisters
  • Right amount of support

#8 All Out Charge Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from Merrell

“I work on my feet 49 hours per week. I’ve tried dozens of brands with mixed results. With Merrell shoes my heels, arches, and knees are finally pain free. I would marry these shoes and give birth to little baby shoes if I could. Love, love, love!”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Excellent arch support, fits narrow foot well
  • Well-constructed using latest technology
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Long lasting trail running shoe
  • Easily accommodates inserts
  • Fantastic color and fit

#7 Glove 4 Trail Runner for Women’s from Merrell

“I bought these for international travel. I chose to wait until after my trip to report how well they held up. I am very pleased to say that these shoes are awesome! They are incredibly comfortable, breathable and durable.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Barefoot shoe with Serious grip and a comfort fit
  • Grosgrain laces fits perfectly with high arch
  • Gorgeous color and design, True to size
  • Light with good traction
  • Completely flexible sole
  • Spacious Toe box

#6 WT10v1 Minimus Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from New Balance

“LOVE!!! These truly fixed my foot problem. No more pain!! And yes you can rebuild your flat arches!!!”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Rubber band across the top D width makes it more comfortable
  • Minimalist shoes give a natural feel when you walk or run
  • Very light, close fit without any sloshing around
  • Great for cross training and distance running
  • Awesome tread, feels wonderful on flat feet
  • No rub marks, blisters or other issues

#5 Bare Access Arc 3 Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from Merrell

“I have to say that these are very comfortable and fit perfectly. Since beginning to wear them my sore knees and back are so much better.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Recommended for alignment issues with big toe (bunions)
  • Gives the “barefoot” feel without going 100% barefoot
  • Allows the foot to spread and bones to move properly
  • Prevents jamming your toes running downhill trails
  • Very lightweight and extra room in the toe box
  • Great arch support and look

#4 All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoes for Women’s from Merrell

“These are by far the best hiking shoes I have ever owned. I waited to write a review until after i returned from a 2 week vacation in Costa Rica. I hiked in different terrains and conditions. Wet, dry, flat, steep, rocky, and in downtown San Jose on and off buses. My feet never hurt and these shoes kept me stable and comfortable.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Hiked the Grand Canyon, 24 miles without a single blister
  • Feet hardly hurts after 17 water miles of hiking in a day
  • Comfortable, breathable Hiking/Train Running Shoe
  • Secure fit, dries quickly
  • Light and easy to clean
  • Really good traction

#3 GT-2000 3 Running Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“These are great running shoes! Asics is a brand that always fit my foot, they have a narrow heel and wider toe box.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Great support and tip up on the toe make it comfy
  • Technically designed for heavy runners
  • Perfect fit, no weird pressure points
  • Best running shoe with arch support
  • Heavily cushioned and secure
  • All day wear, lightweight

#2 X-Mission 3W Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from Salomon

“I just tried them on and they are amazing! The arch support is great, they are really comfortable, the color is beautiful, even better than in the picture.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Perfectly sturdy and supportive for running on trails
  • Excellent shoe bed and rubber sole
  • Non-slip, solid hiking shoe
  • Vivid colors make it pretty
  • No blisters or arch pain
  • Roomy toe box

#1 Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes for Women’s from Salomon

“Feels a little big but snuggles on feet… it’s my 3 pair of Salomon and I Love it… Best running trail shoes ever.”
Facts runners appreciate:
  • Makes it easier to hike on loose gravel and rocky terrain
  • Comfortable from the moment you put them on!
  • Grippy sole/tread, light weight
  • Good support for narrow foot
  • Great grip for hiking
  • Nice sleek design

How to choose the best trail running shoe

Shoe type

Choosing a trail running shoes is largely dependent on the type of trail you intend running on. It’ll be a great idea if you have an idea of trails you’ll be running on as that will help narrow down your choices.

Trail running shoes come in three different types based on all possible trail scenarios. The first type of trail running shoe is the light trail running shoe. This type of trail running shoe is designed for uniformly paved trails. Light trail shoes are often characterized by their light design and moderately stiff builds.

The second type of trail running shoe is the rugged trail which is primarily intended for runners planning on working rugged terrains like abandoned mines and moderately hilly mountainsides. This type of shoes is characterized by their toe guards up front and behind the heels as well as sturdy build and moderate weight.

If you intend running on very rough terrains, through thick forests or grasslands, your best bet is to go for the off rail type which is specially built aggressive structures and enhanced support and protection against sharp rocks and twigs.


Cushioning is very important in a shoe when it comes to running on a trail. Most times, you’ll want to go for a shoe with a ‘mushy’ feel at the bottom especially if you’re looking forward to running on rocky terrains or on an uncharted path. This type offers more protection against sharp rocks and does not give way easily.

There are also barefoot trail running shoe options and if you’re planning on running on a relatively smooth trail, they might be your best bet. For one these type of shoes let your feet feel more natural and do not add extra weights. They let you run more naturally and freely.

Heel-to-toe drop

Heel-to-toe drop is the difference in height of shoes’ heel and the toe. This difference is very important and should be considered carefully.

Heel-to-toe value is utilized in all our shoes even casual ones. This difference determines the part of the foot that balances on the floor when walking or running.

Lower heel-to-toe value is the best value for running, but most people are not always ready for it and this might easily result in injury if you’re not prepared for the sudden change. So most times, its better you go for a trail running shoe with a heel-to-toe value of about 4-8mm or better still measure the heel-to-toe drop of your running shoe if you have one or even your casual shoe and go for a trail running shoe with similar value. Chances are, your muscles are already used to that value.


Trail running is quite challenging and not one you’ll want to try out with a loosely fitted shoe or even tightly fitted ones. You probably will end up injuring your foot or developing painful blisters and swellings.

When choosing a trail running shoe, it helps if you can try them on and walk for a few minutes to know if they fit well and are comfortable to run in.

Avoid any shoe that pinches your toe and if they touch the walls of the shoes and are even slightly bent, you may want to look for bigger sizes. One run of the thumb is to go for a shoe that you can slip your index finger in at the heel while wearing the shoe.

Rock guard

Not all trail running shoes come with rock guards but if you can find one, good for you. The rock guard is a protective layer between the mid sole and the out sole. This extra layer helps protect the foot when the shoe comes in contact with sharp rocks and outcrops. It absorbs the impact and your foot is protected.

When it comes to choosing a trail running shoe, there’s no one size fit for all; what works for a friend might not work for you and vice-versa. As such, you may want to take out time and find the best  trail running shoe that will work for you.

Also, if you intend running through wet areas, you may want to go for the waterproof  type trail running shoes. While these types of trail running shoes are great for protecting your foot against moisture, most are not very breathable and you may end up feeling sloppy in them.

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