The 10 Best Walking Shoes for Women Reviewed – 2019

Walking shoes are undoubtedly one of the most important gears you’ll need to invest on if you intend taking the walk.

Walking exercise is as important as every other type of exercise and as such demands a unique pair of well fitted walking shoes for the activity. You may be tempted to use your running shoes but don’t!

Running is a lot different from walking. For instance, runners strike the midsole of their foot while running and then transfer this motion quickly to their toes. In contrast, walkers strike their heels first and then transfer this motion to the toes.

Most shoes are designed to aid this mechanism and facilitate the motion of walking and running. As such you’ll need a pair dedicated to each activities.

Today, walking shoes tailored specifically for women are abundant in the market and the challenge will probably not be due to inadequate supply as much as your inability to find the perfect pairs for yourself.

Here is the list of 10 Top rated and best-selling walking shoes for Women in 2019.

#10 Romy Walking Shoes for Women’s from Easy Spirit

“This is the second time I have gotten this shoe and really like it. I’m chasing 3-5 year olds around all day and these are pretty comfy.”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Enough room in the toes that accommodates inserts well
  • Easy to wear right out of the box
  • No pinching or rubbing anywhere
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Comforts pain issues
  • Orthotics fits in well

#9 Walker Shoes for Women’s from Vionic

“These shoes are the only shoes I can wear comfortably. With rheumatoid arthritis which has caused foot and ankle problems, finding shoes is problematic. I put these shoes on and walked with no issues. Will order another pair”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Toe box has more room on the sides and top
  • Well-made shoe fits as expected
  • All day wearable, long lasting
  • Comforts back and knee pain
  • Best support and comfort
  • Nice and wide toe area

#8 Performance Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoes for Women’s from Skechers

“LOVE these shoes!!! Got them for a Disney trip and they were perfect! Cute and comfortable! My feet did not get hot and they were super easy to get on and off! Very light weight!! They are even more comfortable than my normal tennis shoes!”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Provides awesome support, no rubbing or blisters
  • Lightweight, comfortable right out of the box
  • Looks professional, reasonable price
  • Supports flat foot, doesn’t hurt
  • Soft sole cushions the feet
  • Breathable material

#7 Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers for Womens’ from TIOSEBON

“These shoes are very comfy with a little more arch support than your typical slip-ons. I wear a size 8.5M, I bought a size 8.5M and they fit. Love the dark grey color. May have to buy other colors I love them so much!”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Comes with extra padding for back heel
  • Doesn’t puts any pressure on foot
  • Knit mesh feels very sock-like
  • Supports bunions and arthritis
  • Comfortable walking shoe
  • Stylish and inexpensive

#6 Air Zoom Fearless Fashion Sneakers for Women’s from NIKE

“I bought these to wear on a trip to Europe that I was expecting to be walking all day for 20 days. PERFECT. Walking on cobblestone for 6 miles? Hiking volcanic terrains? Exploring the villages all day? No problem with Nike Free RN! Comfortable, stylish, and worth the money.”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Super lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • Breathable knit offers good ventilation
  • Wears great with or without socks
  • No rubbing, chaffing or blisters
  • Flexible and supportive soles
  • Responsive arch support

#5 Performance Go Walk 2 Super Sock 2 Slip-On Walking Shoes for Women’s from Skechers

“I love love love these shoes, I walk on concrete all day, up to 15 hours and until I found the go walk line I was uncomfortable. Now I can go all day without pain in my feet.”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Offers the right amount hold and grip
  • Soft fabric and snug around the foot
  • Cushy soles make walk comfortable
  • Shoes really do wear like a sock
  • Supports Plantar fasciitis well
  • Pretty and fits perfect

#4 Performance Go Walk 2 Slip-On Walking Shoes for Women’s from Skechers

“I love, love, love my Skechers. I had great difficulty finding comfortable shoes, but since I found the Skechers Go Walk slip ons that’s over. They are so light weight, you hardly know you have them on – and still give the necessary support and stability.”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Feels like wearing slippers with arch support
  • Truly comfortable and stay on well
  • Goes well with or without socks
  • No foot pain or blisters
  • Works with flat foot
  • Easy to clean

#3 Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoes for Women’s from Skechers

“I already own 3 pair of Go Walk 2 shoes and have loved them. So, when ordering a new pair, I went with the Go Walk 3. I didn’t think the shoes could get any better but these are even more comfortable and have additional support. This summer, I drove over 7,000 miles and the only shoes I wore were my Go Walk 2s. Looking forward to making my next trip in a pair of Go Walk 3.”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Walking on the hard floors and concrete feels easy
  • Supports plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma
  • Memory foam on the insoles offers great comfort
  • Bottom sole provides extra cushion
  • Comforts knee and ankle problems
  • Great ventilation, light weight

#2 Traveltime Mule Walking Shoes for Women’s from Easy Spirit

“I love these shoes. This about the 6th pair I’ve owned. I rarely wear anything else. They are comfy. Easy on and and off and come in such great colors.”
Facts buyers appreciate about this shoe:
  • Good heel padding and the clogs are comfortable
  • Easy to slip on, attractive color selection
  • Quality over time and consistent size
  • Supports Plantar fasciitis
  • Suits wide feet, no pain
  • Good fit and support

#1 Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoes for Women’s from Skechers

“I knew I’d be walking a lot on Cincinnati streets during players weekend. I wear nothing but sandals in summer but needed something substantial! My mother swears by them so I finally bought a pair! They were super comfortable.”
Key aspects:
  • Comforts foot problems, supports high arches
  • Great tread for snow or icy conditions
  • Thick soles and groove support feet
  • Super comfortable, made for walking

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Fits well, all day wearable
  • Fits well with no-show socks
  • Causes no pain or swelling
  • Doesn’t give any blisters

How to choose the best women walking shoes

Pronation type

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a good walking shoe is your pronation type. Pronation type is the medical term for how we place our legs while walking or running.

It essentially tells how we carry ourselves. Most stores already offer this service and will offer to help analyze your pronation type for free before buying any shoe.

There are basically three different types of pronation: under pronation, normal and over pronation. Each of these types of pronation requires shoes that holds in different areas to allow the wearer run or walk comfortably in them.

Getting the right type of walking shoes for your pronation type will not only ensure you’re comfortable wearing them but also reduces your susceptibilty to sport injuries significantly.

Shoe length

When it comes to choosing the right fit, it’s a lot easier for walking shoes as you can decide to go for the same size as your everyday casual shoes.

This is because you’ll be walking in them as you normally do in your casual shoes and since walking does not put extra strain on the feet as running, this is quite safe.

Shoe weight

As a rule the lighter the better. When it comes to sporting gears, weight is very important as any extra weight counts and can reduce your efficiency.

When buying a walking shoe, always go for the lightest weight shoe. This will help you move comfortably without adding more weight and consequently more work to each lift and drop of the legs.


Shoe traction is the thread on the soles of the shoes. These rough threads are constantly in contact with the floor and will provide the frictional force needed to keep you from slipping or falling over.

When choosing a walking shoe, it’ll be helpful if you have an idea of the kind of road you’ll be walking on. If the road is quite smooth and maybe wet, you’ll need a walking shoe with a very good traction so you won’t have to worry about slipping.

If you intend walking on very rough roads, then the traction type on the shoe wouldn’t really matter much. In all, it’s best to go for a walking shoe with a good number of threads on the soles.

Shoe soles

The shoe sole indicates the shoes’ flexibility and support. It also indicates how much comfort you’ll feel each time your feet hits the ground.

When choosing a walking shoe, it best you go for a shoe with soft and very flexible insoles. This will ensure the impact of your feet on the ground is adequately distributed.

Most walking shoes come with a removable insole which is great for hygiene as you can remove and wash them as often as possible to keep them clean and reduce odor causing bacteria.


When your feet become very sweaty in a shoe, walking in them becomes very uncomfortable and you can literally feel your foot wobbling about in them.

To counter this, shoe manufacturers are designing shoes that allows for the free circulation of air even when they are worn.

If you intend taking your walk in hot weathers or on any normal day, the ability of your shoes to allow air to freely move in and out is very important.

Breathability not only makes a shoe more comfortable but can also reduce the foot smells significantly. Most shoes that are breathable often comes with a mesh top covering or punctured holes on the top cover.

Arch support

Most shoes are specially designed to hug every part of the foot comfortably but without arch support you may end up with pains at the side of your foot after a long walk.

Your foot arch is the inner part of your foot which curves slightly inward towards the outer corner. Getting a shoe that support your arch is very important as the arch does not come in contact with the floor all the time.

The foot is curved in such a way as to allow only the toes and the heel to be in contact with the floor. This puts a lot of strain on the arch and may result in pains especially after a prolonged walking session.

To prevent this from happening find a walking shoe that provides sufficient support for your foot arch. These type of shoes often comes with a slightly raised arch.

Walking shoes are the most important gears when it comes to walking and investing in the right ones will go a long way to helping you enjoy every one of your walk.

When choosing a walk shoe, it’s also very important you consider the gender the shoe was designed for. Men and women’s feet are shapely differently, making it important you find a women’s walking shoe that fits right.

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