15 Best & Popular Women’s Tennis Shoes Reviewed – 2019

Choosing tennis shoes doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you are well prepared to tackle it. You should however, be keen to rule the court with an appropriate pair of women tennis shoes.

If you are a newbie you may need to do some consulting from the professionals. If you are a player, you should identify your playing style and consider the court’s surface apart from your personal preferences before paying for a pair of tennis shoes. You probably know that tennis is a game of rapid starts, stops, lateral movement, and sudden sprints.

Your footwear should be convenient to support your movement.  There are many options to choose, so take time to explore some of the best women tennis shoes varying in prices and quality, as is with style and fashion.

Here is the list of 15 Top rated and best-selling Tennis shoes for Women in 2019.

Gel Resolution 6 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“Great tennis / court shoes. Felt fine first time I wore them for a two hour session. (And my feet are not happy in just anything—I need serious arch support.) The gel insoles are especially nice. Nice looking, compact. No break in period. I’m impressed!”
Key aspects:
  • Durable soles with solid grip
  • Good support for lateral moves
  • Comfort on the court, requires no break-in

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Extra support, cushioning at the toes
  • Light weight, decent arch support
  • Good padding that maintains the shape well

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GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“My daughter loves these shoes. She plays tennis for her school and used is 5-6 times a week during the season and it has yet to show signs of wear on the sole.”
Key aspects:
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Have the best lateral support
  • Fits perfectly in length and width

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Helps move swiftly and accurately
  • Light as feathers
  • Soles won’t leave black marks on the floor

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Performance Barricade Court W Tennis Shoes for Women’s from adidas

“I love these shoes. They fit well and give good support. So far they seem to be wearing well. I’m hard on tennis shoes so we’ll see. The price was terrific.”
Key aspects:
  • Never hurts and doesn’t break inside
  • Fits the shape of feet as expected
  • Good support and stability

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Durable and the Pricing is right
  • Cool looking
  • Fine cushioning and sole

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Gel Challenger 10 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“Great color, great fit! Very comfortable. Typical asic quality. I’m happy with them.”
Key aspects:
  • Feet stabilizes well
  • Causes no pain or swelling
  • Multiple pivot points on the sole

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Reasonably priced
  • Plenty of arch support
  • No breaking in period, just lace up & play

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Match LO Basic Sports WN’s Tennis Shoes for Women’s from PUMA

“The shoes are very comfortable for long time wear. They have a nice conservative look with a little bit of pizzazz. I would buy them again.”
Key aspects:
  • Constructed well, cute sporty look
  • All day wearable without any pain

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Very comfy and True to Size
  • Excellent quality, great price
  • Well-built genuine upper leather

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Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“Comfortable tennis shoe, with good support on the court! And the shoe laces are of a reasonable length–no need to double-tie, a very nice feature.”
Key aspects:
  • Crisp and clean looking
  • Well-padded and fits well
  • Offers more ankle support

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Removable lining
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Hardened rubber sole keeps the shoes from wearing off

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T22 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from Prince

“After a lot of searching (and returning), I have found that these tennis shoes fit me perfectly. This is my fourth pair!”
Key aspects:
  • Wide toe base with plenty of room
  • Lasts a long time
  • No pain, no rubbing toes

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Thick soles cushions feet
  • Non-slippery on grass tennis court
  • Soles holds up to the grit on a paddle court

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Vendy II Sneaker for Women’s from K-Swiss

“Love, love, love these shoes, the look, the feel … the price! I did order a half size larger than my normal size after reading the reviews, but after wearing them for about an hour I found that it probably wasn’t necessary. The grip is great and they feel so comfortable.”
Key aspects:
  • Well made, fits as expected
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Provides good support chasing the balls

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • No breaking in required
  • Rubber soles grip well
  • Air holes helps with ventilation

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GEL-Court Bella Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“This is the fifth pair of ASICS I have purchased. I love them all but this pair is the best one I have purchased. So comfortable, so pretty and just the right fit.”
Key aspects:
  • Soft and have a lot of cushion
  • True to pictures and size
  • Deep heel cup and a high arch support

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Nice wide toe box
  • Comfortable and a great price
  • Feels stable running around the court

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GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS (Mint)

“Very comfortable shoe, and not bulky like other tennis shoes. I was hesitant to order because some reviews called the shoe narrow and I have rather wide feet but I got an 8.5 and I usually wear an 8 and it fit perfectly. I will stick with asics from now on for tennis!!!!”
Key aspects:
  • Comfy toe space
  • No need to break them in
  • No rubbing issues

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Great lateral support
  • Supports agility workouts well
  • Offers more stopping power on the court with good traction

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Avi-Rival Cross-Trainer Shoes for Women’s from AVIA

“I have foot problems and these shoes alleviate all of my problems. Nice sturdy shoe and it looks nice too. Gives the foot enough cushion.”
Key aspects:
  • Sturdy and nice looking
  • Removable memory foam inserts
  • Comfortable wide shoe that offers great support

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Clean white, flexible, great arch
  • Fits like a glove, just put them on
  • No rubbing or pinching

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Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoes for Women’s from K-Swiss

“I love these shoes. Great arch support and very comfortable. They have a roomy toe box and are better suited for a wider foot.”
Key aspects:
  • Amazing court grip and the fit is perfect
  • Great color receives lots of compliments
  • Non-staining, wears well

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Generous toe box yet supports arch well
  • Gives great footing on the courts
  • Works great with barrow heel lacing technique

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Divine Cross Training Shoes for Women’s from Ryka

“Excellent brand! My feet never hurt after wearing all day. I love this brand. I have ordered 6 different styles from this brand.”
Key aspects:
  • Really cute and comfortable Tennis shoes
  • No blisters, rubbing or pinching
  • Very soft memory foam that molds feet

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Comfy right out of the box
  • Suitable for flat foot
  • Light weight, true to size

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Gel-Solution Slam 2 Tennis Shoes for Women’s from ASICS

“I love the look, color and comfort of these shoes, I wear a 6.5 and that’s what I ordered the fit is great with lots of room for my toes. I recently took up tennis and after hours on the court my feet feel great and the shoes performed awesome. I would totally recommend these shoes!”
Key aspects:
  • Fits well with narrow foot and orthotics
  • Breathable and extremely lightweight
  • Offers excellent stability for the quick lateral moves

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Size fits as expected
  • Roomy toe area
  • Replaceable sock lining

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Performance Barricade Team 4 W Tennis Shoes for Women’s from adidas

“I play a game called pickleball and have ball of foot pain. These shoes are very comfortable and I’m buying another pair.”
Key aspects:
  • Ultra-comfortable, fits perfectly
  • Grips the hard-court surface well
  • Provides excellent traction, light weight

Facts buyers appreciate:
  • Accommodates arch support well
  • Fits the bill
  • Super cute color options

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How to choose the best women’s tennis shoes

There is a wide variety of options and styles hence the need to identify and match your needs with the available options before spending a fortune on your favorite colorful designs. Here are some of the styles to consider:

The footwear should withstand the starts and stops you will be doing on the court. Tennis shoes are designed to handle this activity

They should be flat with specific patterns on the sole to create friction. The sole design depends on the type of court you will be playing on.

Some tennis shoes are designed with thick soft heels to reduce the weight and improve cushioning of the foot. This extra foam helps to lessen impact while retaining the sturdily.

As opposed to the rest of athletic shoes, tennis shoes are not designed for continuous forward motion. They are, therefore, built to make instant stops screeching on the ground and sprinting suddenly.


1. The Style of Play

Since your playing style determines the type of shoe you need, consider the following roles on the court:

a.    Baseline Players

Baseline players are restricted to the back line of the court in the most part of the game. They need lateral support in their shoes. They also need extra strength in their sole hence the need for a highly durable sole for this consistent lateral motion in their style of play.

b.    Serve-and-Volley Players

These players are always charging at the net. They are prone to sliding their back foot as they suddenly surge forward after a serve. A durable toecap on the shoe will be sufficient to enhance their role. Sometimes this part is called the reinforced toe because it helps sustain the most vulnerable part.

2. The type of Court Surface

The court surface plays a big role in determining the type of tennis shoes you will be purchasing for the game. For example, if you will be on a hard court surface such as concrete, you need turgid shoes to last through the training sessions. You will need rugged shoes, which can withstand the tough surface and last you longer for the worth of your money. Soft court surfaces, on the other hand, need shoes, which have more traction on the sole. Here are some of the differences between the two surfaces:

a. Hard Courts

The concrete surface requires shoes, which are rugged enough for durability. This means your priority will be on resilience and outsole support for your foot. You should expect your sole to wear out especially if you are an aggressive player. You should, therefore, check them regularly for wear for replacement when it is necessary. The material used on the upper and outsoles is tougher often made of leather and vinyl.

b. Soft Courts

If you will be on a soft court, you need shoes with non-damaging traction. Your priority will, therefore, be on traction because the surface is conducive for such shoes.

c. Multi-Courts

Apart from the extremes, you can also find courts with both surfaces. The best women’s’ shoes for such surfaces are available and will let you play in both hard and soft conditions. You do not have to change shoes every time you change the courts because they can handle both surfaces.

3. The Type of Foot and Fit

One of the most important and basic things to consider is your foot type because it plays a major role in determining your performance. There are three basic foot types to consider (underpronation, neutral, and overpronation). If you are yet to determine the type of your foot, you can use a ‘wet test’ to figure out your category. After wetting your foot, step on a play dark piece of paper to reveal the characteristics of the imprint. The design on the paper will help you determine the type of your foot according to the three available.

a.    Underpronation

Also called supination, these feet leave a large space at the middle of their foot’s imprint. People with such feet roll their foot outward as they stride hence they need a flexible shoe solution. This will help them alleviate shocks when in a quick motion.

b.    Neutral Feet

Neutral feet imprints mean the person with the foot uses any type of tennis shoe. Their imprint leaves a moderate space on the arch area.

c.    Overpronation

This is a complete imprint of the surface of the foot. People with such feet tend to roll their foot as they stride. A stabilizing shoe should help them find comfort.

In conclusion, the best women tennis shoes are available, but you need to find a specific type for your type of shoe, style of play, and many other contributing factors.

If you are new to tennis, there is no worry, as you can learn fast by consulting from the professionals. Luckily, you can learn fast when you associate with the professionals and experienced trainers to give you the guideline for your tennis journey.

Most importantly, be patient and accept corrections from your seniors to make it easier for you to make the most out of your training.

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